Nastassia Moore (a.k.a Charlie Blu) is a writer, vocalist, and songwriter. Her attraction to a wide array of the arts has played out in many facets. From drawing and painting, to her seven year love affair with dance which tragically ended when a dance rehearsal accident caused a back injury. Thus, preventing her from continuing with dance. She finds herself longing again for the dance floor and to explore new choreography. However, Nastassia has also taken years to hone her musical skills which began at a young age with choir, piano, and cello classes. She now seeks creative freedom in the form of songwriting, and as a jazz vocalist in her duet Charlie & The Gypsy.

Nastassia discovered a love for prose while composing song lyrics with a childhood friend for fun. In a grammar school literature class that passion was deepened after being introduced to great writers and poets who have stood the test of time. Through endless storms and times of solace, writing became a restful haven to decamp from reality.

Her first self-published book was released in October of 2016 titled, “Collection of Life Musings.” This book contains the intimate thoughts and reflections on life from the mind of a timid soul. She is also working on other books currently. Nastassia has always written for personal enjoyment and pleasure. Writing is a place of solitude and retreat from the world for her. She had no desire or intention of sharing her private work with others. However, her husband’s ardent persuasion and support encouraged her to make her writing available to the public eye.

Nastassia is also a new contributor on Medium, which is a popularly growing website that supplies readers with access to diverse topics from writers around the world. If you’re interested in following her articles you can do so here


Charlie Blu

Charlie and The Gypsy


Collection of Life Musings – ISBN 9781365443459 Copyright Nastassia Moore (Standard Copyright License)  First Edition, Publisher Leona Marie Publishing, Published March 11, 2017