Memories of a broken past Haunted by foul images Tearing at the mind and soul Will you not ever join death? Shaking on the inside, lost, worn Portraits of lavish color, faded Stained pages of bitter thorns Sanity held within the passioned anchor.        

Hoping Eyes

Restless silence. Arms of rusty magenta, accompany the cheerless gait of misty teared skies. The lucent shine, of ominous waters flushed by a capricious lover. Standing on the caress of a winter zephyr with hoping eyes.

Refinement of the Soul

At times it is a frightening practice to peer inside the deep recesses of the mind and reevaluate the way in which you perceived a lost memory. To look from all angles of perception and gather new information and insight to understand how the mind may have mishandled intrinsic patterns in the symmetry of human […]


Who Am I

Where does the truth of spirit dwell? I shall tell you where I lay. I find myself in bells of laughter. In tears of injured hearts. I hide in consolation of splintered smiles. In the wild dance of liberty. In keys, in strings, in words, and howls. Stashed deep in the siren of language, culture, […]

A New Story

Today I choose a new beginning. To set aside my past and walk in the now. In the new. To embrace who I  am and who I have been made to be.